Curriculum Choices for 2017-18

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I began doing light homeschool with my son at the age of 4.5 last September. I only had curriculum for handwriting, math, and reading. We were pretty faithful for a few months, then I had a baby in December and quit school up until about a month-and-a-half ago. I was too excited to wait for this summer to order "kindergarten" work, so I went ahead and bought a few more things, and of course, couldn't wait to use them. I figure we will do a little during the summer and hunker down come fall.

Bible Nuggets:
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Each two-page spread in Bible Nuggets has 1 lesson. We do one lesson a week. The stories are only a couple paragraphs long. Each lesson has a memory verse, which is short and sweet. It also has 3 comprehension questions and a section of reminders to the teacher about what to emphasise and talk about. I use this along with The Jesus Storybook Bible (

Horizons Math K:
Horizons Math, Grade K, Student Workbook 2
This is the third math curriculum we have tried since beginning last September. I will go into that in another post. We have worked in this for the last week and I can tell it's already working much better than the others.

Beginning Geography:
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My son loves maps and learning about states, countries, and continents. This book is above his comprehension level, but he enjoys doing it. I read the questions and write the answers for him.

A Reason for Handwriting:
Image result for a reason for handwriting k

My First School Book:
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I will be using a combination of these two handwriting books. I began with A Reason for Handwriting but my son did not enjoy it. He is not interested in practicing his handwriting skills. I bought My First School Book and it is working much better. They require less tracing and he is able to focus on it more easily. Once he is done with that book I will see if he is up to ARfH or if we will continue with the next Get Set for School book.

All About Reading:
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We are about to finish AAR 1, and I am all set to begin AAR 2. We had great success with Level 1. Read my review for AAR 1 here.

All About Spelling:
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I am undecided when to begin spelling. Since my son isn't interested in handwriting I figured I should probably wait for spelling. However, he likes to try to verbally spell we might start it sooner than later. I think though that I will at least get us into a comfortable routine with all the other curriculum before I add another 20-minute lesson in the mix.

Let me know if you have any questions about any the curriculum. Happy planning!!


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