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Curriculum Choices for 2017-18

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I began doing light homeschool with my son at the age of 4.5 last September. I only had curriculum for handwriting, math, and reading. We were pretty faithful for a few months, then I had a baby in December and quit school up until about a month-and-a-half ago. I was too excited to wait for this summer to order "kindergarten" work, so I went ahead and bought a few more things, and of course, couldn't wait to use them. I figure we will do a little during the summer and hunker down come fall.

Bible Nuggets:

Each two-page spread in Bible Nuggets has 1 lesson. We do one lesson a week. The stories are only a couple paragraphs long. Each lesson has a memory verse, which is short and sweet. It also has 3 comprehension questions and a section of reminders to the teacher about what to emphasise and talk about. I use this along with The Jesus Storybook Bible (

Horizons Math K: