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All About Reading Set-up

Today I spent almost five hours setting up my All About Reading Level 2. The program comes with a student workbook. I cut out every single activity, paper clip game pieces and put them in page protectors to be ready for the new year.

and more cutting.
I also include the phonogram cards and word cards with each corresponding lesson. When I'm done with the lesson I put the cards in the Reading Review Box.
I ended up needing a 3'' and a 1'' binder.
The only thing left to do is take the teachers manual to an office supply store to be spiral bound. I love the option of having the book lay flat or being able to fold it back. Plus the plastic protector cover they put on it keeps it from too much wear and tear.
With Level 1 I put more than one lesson per sheet protector, this year it is one lesson per so I can grab it more easily. Also, I didn't label the sheet protectors because most lessons have the number on the top of the sheet for easy discern…

Who let the OCD in??

Well, folks, it's official. I've been blogging for one day and my OCD has officially struck gold. I was up until 1:30 AM Googling my way around how to blog, and wide awake at 6 AM to continue my search. I just typed in "how to blog without overthinking". It wasn't very helpful.

I know that there is no scale when it comes to the mental health world and it's diagnoses. Unlike something like diabetes, there is no number to indicate how "bad" someone's condition is. People with mental illness issues only have descriptive words to use, and those can often stand for a vast range of emotions. It's hard to honestly convey the situation when my "terrible" is different than your "terrible". Even just the words "anxiety" and "depression" can mean a huge number of different things to two people. I honestly considered these behaviors normal until a health care professional used the term OCD with me. You mean, not e…

My history...

I went to elementary school until 5th grade when my mom began homeschooling my older sister, and my younger brother and I wanted in on it. I had a mean teacher with a temper who really intimidated me, so I was more than happy to stay home. The summer before 8th grade we moved to a rural town. My sister was going to attend the high school and my mom gave me the choice to go back to public if I'd like. Being in a new place with no local friends, and way out in the country where I couldn't just walk places, I decided to go back. (Remember, this was before the internet when the only way you were in contact with friends was a home phone and a mailbox). I attended 8th grade and stayed through graduating high school.

I feel like I had your "typical" public school experience. I enjoyed certain aspects and didn't enjoy others. I remember being made fun of, not understanding something and just being passed over, getting so nervous to speak in front of the class, during a r…

What am I doing...

I feel completely inadequate writing this blog. So many negative thoughts went through my mind when I started considering this site.

-I have no experience with writing. My grammar mistakes will embarrass me (this sentence alone had three misspelled words in four). -I'm not an experienced homeschooler. -I'm too busy to take the time to focus on writing something worth reading. -There are already so many homeschooling blogs, this will be a waste of time. -What if no one reads it??
But something is pulling me, telling me that even though those points seem valid, I should just write anyway. I'm trying to be braver in life. As I get older the reality really sets in that we only have one life, and oh how fast the years fly. If you have a dream, pursue it! If something interests you, learn about it! It's easy to blow "failure" WAY out of proportion. 
So don't let fear stop you from trying something new...I'm not going to!
So why AM I doing this?
I lo…